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Bedsore is a common problem people have encountered if they are lying on bed. After having encountered such conditions, people look out for bed sore treatment in Bangalore and get the treatment. Well, if you are looking out for a center visit Nisarga Care as it is one of the best health centers to visit.

But before it let discuss it in detail!

How Bed Sores Can Cause Physical Pain & Damage the Body

Bedsores are a type of skin infection that occurs when a person lays in bed for too long without changing positions. They can also be caused by an injury, most commonly from falling and pressure. Humans move and shift positions throughout the day, but if you’re bedridden for an extended period of time, then these movements may not happen.

Bedsores that do not get treated can lead to serious complications such as pneumonia, sepsis, cellulitis, osteomyelitis and abscesses – the most dangerous of which is osteomyelitis because it is so difficult to diagnose or treat.

The risk for developing a bedsore is higher during the winter months when people stay indoors more often due to cold weather conditions and this increases the risk per year by 2%.

What is a Bed Sores and Why and How Can it be Dangerous?

Bed sores occur when skin becomes mottled, red, swollen, and sore due to friction against the mattress. They are mainly caused by pressure points on the body.

A bed sore is an ulcer or a deep lesion in the dermis of the dermal layer of tissue at the base of any part of the body resting on a surface that lacks proper cushioning. It can be caused by pressure points developed due to poor posture while sleeping or sitting in certain positions for prolonged periods of time.

Bed sores can become life-threatening if they are not dealt with properly. The most common ways to treat them include using topical antibiotics that prevent bacteria from spreading further in the wound, applying water-based moisturizers to keep it hydrated, and wearing cotton underwear at night.

Why You Need To Prevent or Heal a Bed Sore as Soon as Possible

Bed sores are a common and painful issue that we should take care of as soon as possible. They can lead to serious complications and can be difficult to heal.

Bed sores are the result of skin being unable to stay moist for too long without proper care or circulation. The skin tissue can become dry, crack, and break down. It will then get infected which will cause pain and discomfort. These are just some of the signs that you should take note of if you know someone is showing them early on.

The best way to prevent bed sores is by using a mattress protector or foam cushioning every day when sleeping on your mattress. This will help reduce exposure to urine, feces, sweat, etc., which can lead to bacterial bedsores because it prevents moisture from building up.

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